Pixie Dust – The Elstree Studios Heritage

Media Powerhouse operates out of 3 locations, the largest being a funky space at London’s famous Elstree Studios.

Elstree Studios 1

Elstree Studios – Home of Media Powerhouse

Elstree is home to some of the best shows on British television and producer of the award winning The King’s Speech and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

While it may seem that the Media Powerhouse team is blessed with the creative equivalent of “pixie dust” due to our iconic location, we like to think that it’s our long experience and passion for audio visual technology that enables us to make stars of the people (and products) at the live events we produce as we help our clients amaze their audiences.

Here’s a brief tip of the hat to our Elstree Studios heritage.

Elstree Studios – a brief history
Elstree Studios started life in 1914 as Neptune Studio in the small village of Boreham Wood, 20 minutes north of central London. By 1925 it had been bought by two entrepreneurial film producers, re-developed and re-branded as Elstree Studios .

By 1927 it had changed hands and names and as British International Pictures hosted an emerging young Director, Alfred Hitchcock,

The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents

who directed Blackmail, the first British talking movie. That breakthrough was followed by innovations in colour production and multi-lingual films.

In the 1930s the studio’s output was prodigious and the screen careers of numerous stars including Laurence Olivier and Stewart Granger were launched. The onset of the WW2 resulted in the studio’s demise and it became a store for ammunition instead of film sets.

Warner Bros acquired the facility and re-built it after the war and a raft of Hollywood stars appeared including David Niven, Sophia Loren, Gregory Peck, William Holden and Errol Flynn.

In the early 1960s the studio moved away from film dramas in favour of musicals and comedies and became the home of ABC Televison who launched the highly successful TV series, The Saint and The Avengers.

In 1976 from a galaxy far, far away a young American, George Lucas, landed

Star Wars in Concert: Enter Anthony Daniels

and created the Star Wars franchise and an emerging talent, Steven Spielberg, produced the Indiana Jones trilogy.

The site was acquired by property developers in the early 1990s who turned into a Tesco retail park retaining a smaller, modern film and TV studio. It finally found itself under the ownership of the community when the local Council fought the developers in court, and won. The Studios have been subsequently restored with millions of pounds spent re-equipping the stages and building two massive new sound stages, which were opened by H.R.H The Prince Charles in 1999.

Today Elstree Studios is a profitable and high profile part of the film and television production scene, helping keep “British Hollywood” alive. Recent film productions have included Jack the Giant Killer and The World’s End. It’s also the home of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, Dancing on Ice, Big Brother and Strictly Come Dancing.

Elstree Studios – Current facilities

  • A range of film stages and TV studios from 3,000sq ft. to 16,000sq ft. with the George Lucas stage being one of the highest in Europe at 50ft.

    Elstree Studios

    Elstree Studios (Photo credit: jayneandd)

  • Workshops, extensive production offices, dressing rooms, wardrobe and make up rooms plus 40 onsite media related support services from lighting to post production and special effects, including the Media Powerhouse Scenic Workshop.
  • Excellent access to the local amenities for building materials, shops, restaurants, hotels, bars and 10 minutes from rail connections. 
  • 800 car parking spaces, special audience entrances, an event hall for audience holding and extensive on site catering plus space for film trailers.
  • Located just 20 minutes from the heart of London, Elstree Studios is without doubt London’s No.1 studio for any film or television production, tour rehearsal, promo or corporate event. 

If you’re visiting Elstree Studios anytime soon we’d love to meet you and explain how we might sprinkle some Media Powerhouse “pixie dust” on your event.


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